Terms and conditions of participation
for group courses

There are no lessons on official holidays.

Before enrolling for a course students must make sure that there are no restrictions regarding their participation (especially immigration and residence restrictions).

The student is personally responsible himself/herself for taking out health, accident and – if desired – third-party liability insurance.

Should a student be wholly or partly unable to attend a language course (e. g. due to illness, residential restrictions, professional or personal commitments), he/she shall have no claims to a reimbursement of the course fee or to participating in a language course at another time.

The course fee has to be paid in advance (see special discount for intensive courses).

Withdrawal from a course is possible anytime before the starting date, but must be submitted in writing. The date of withdrawal is determined by its receipt at DIE NEUE SCHULE office. In this case the school reserves the right to retain:

10% of the total for withdrawals received up to 31 days before starting date.
30% of the total for withdrawals received up to 15 days before starting date.
50 % of the total for withdrawals received 14 days, or less, before starting date.

Court of jurisdiction is Berlin.



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